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DonationSunday, April the 4th, a 49 year old man was rescued from drowning in the Limfjord.
For reasons unknown, he had fallen in the fjord in the area of Sturhs Brygge.
In an apartment close to the scene, the couple Dorssa Goodarzi and Joakim Bove' Winkler have their home.
Dorssa had been working late and were relaxing, watching television, when she suddenly head cries from the harbor.
She at once woke Joakim and sent him down to the fjord, while phoning alarm 112.
Joakim saw a man in the fjord and resolutely jumped into the fjord, and swam to the distressed man, who had moved more than 50 meters from the quay.
He was brought back to solid ground and taking to hospital by the waiting ambulance.
Apart from being cold he was all right.
The man must be said to be a lucky person. Joakim has been a keen swimmer, and have learned live saving at sea.
The Guild of Christian the Fourth found that this deed was an exceptional example of daring without thinking of ones live, so we decided to invite the couple down to the Guild, where we offered a small donation to Joakim and flowers to Dorssa, with compliments for their effort.

We are happy to tell that the couple will initiated in the Guild by a later occasion.

Foto: Jens Morten

Laugsforsamling 8 2019A bunch of happy people at a table in Duus Wine Cellar proved to be members of the Guild and that was of course why they were at the Annual Guild Meeting.

But there is more behind this. We found one of the happy participants Erik Christiansen from Støvring.

He could tell that the factual reason why they became members were that they all were engaged in Aalborg Corporate Sports. On the company's 50th anniversary they all were initiated in the guild.

At the same time they also became honorary members of Aalborg Firma Sport.

At that time we agreed to meet again, and it has become a tradition that we meet every year at the Annual Guild Meeting in Christian the Fourth Guild, and we have now done that for 21 years. It is Svend Aage Nymann who gathers us all together, and we are therefore happy participants every year, and have always reserved this table below the stairs, where we have our permanent place.

It is nice both to meet the old friends, but also to come here every year and take part in the activities of the Guild. We are of course not quite young anymore, but we will continue to meet as long as we can, and have a good evening in company with each other and in the company of Christian the Fourth Guild.

Laugsforsamling 3 2019In Christian The Fourth Guild Annual Guild Meeting 2019 there was quite a large turnout 

The Master of Ceremonies, as usual, asked everyone to rise, whereupon The Benchers took their seats.

Afterwards, Chief Bencher Niels Voss Hansen welcomed to this year's Annual Guild Meeting followed by the later initiation ceremony with 18 new members.

The experienced chairman Mr. PE Jensen guided the assembly safely through the agenda - which meant he passed the word to the Chief Bencher for his annual statement.

He told that 2018 was a hectic year, not due to many initiations there were only 15 initiations with 344 new members, but because of the celebration of The Guilds 75th anniversary.

All initiations into the Guild are different. Remarkable was the initiation of 23 members of Odd Fellow Lodge no. 23 "Christian the Fourth" Copenhagen, who offered high spirits in the cellar.

MEMBERS are asked to help us with savings by signing on to digital mail ( We can save quite a lot of money to post and printing expenses of “Laugstidende” (The Annual Newsletter).

In 2019 two new benchers were initiated, namely Ole Bech Christensen, who is Guild Cellar Master and Torben Røgild, who is Guild Treasurer. Both were duly dressed in the Guild Robe and beret. The Guild hopes to get a lot of work from these gentlemen.

Traditionally, there were also awards to:

“Soldier of the year” was Sergeant Brian Dorum from Air Transport Wing. “The Initiative Prize” went to” The Volunteer Work at Aalborg University Hospital” represented by Tina Marie Aarup and Vibeke Ramussen, “The Aalborg Prize” went to Leif Ervolder for his work with the LOA -ship. Finally, there were donations to the Churchill Room (Gustav S.) and the Tholstrup Room (Magnus Neve Græsbøll) at The May 4th College.

Subsequently the treasurer Torben Røgild presented the accounts which was the end of The Annual Guild Meeting.

Later in the evening The Chief Bencher presented the Guild´s Gold Medal to Guild Vice Chief Bencher Henrik Jensen, who was initiated as Guild Secretary in 2005, and who has done a tremendous job. Behind every strong man is usually an even stronger woman, and therefore Mrs. Helene was presented a bouquet of flowers and a small bottle for joy and benefit.  

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Foto: Fini Ryming     

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UK Laugstidende 2019 200

IMG 1518It was a great day at Nørresundby Gymnasium: It was the last school-day before Christmas and the 60th birthday of Headmaster Søren Hindsholm, and chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen and his men were welcomed when they entered the hall and seized the microphone.
After a brief presentation of the Guild of Christian the Fourth the chief-bencher announced that the Guild also donates several prizes such as the Good-Spirit-Prize, which every year is given to students at Aalborg´s Gymnasier and Tech College.
The prize is given to a student, who has a positive attitude, a friendly and humorous disposition and a capacity for creating a pleasant atmosphere. Here the chief-bencher asked Tristan Grant Sporring to step forward to receive the Prize, which consists of a diploma, the Guild’s 75-years Jubilee booklet and a (minor) sum of money, which the chief-bencher – as usual – advised the receiver to spend on something quite unnecessary, as it was money far from all budgets. Then the chief-bencher proposed three “hurrahs”,   and it sounded very fine through the hall.
Rector Søren Hindsholm was not totally forgotten. He too had to step forward and he received for his 60th birthday a bottle of Christian the Fourth´s Laugsbitter – for later consummation.    

To a round of applause the representatives for the Guild then left the hall.

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Photo: Fini Ryming