2021 humoerlegatThe first Good-spirit Prize this year, was donated on December 5, at restaurant Fusion Aalborg.

 It was given to waiter-apprentice Jasmin Obenheimer Mørc.

The motivation from Tech College: Jasmin, you are very well-liked by the guests, colleagues, and teachers.

You are always ready with a warm-hearted smile, you show great professionalism, you are a good host, and often tell that extra story which makes it all a little more fun.

The Prize was delivered in a fully booked restaurant, where our
Music director Per Iversen entertained, with great success, with his trumpet.

Christian the Fourth`s Good-Spirit-Price is every year given to young students from Gymnasiums located in Aalborg, Aalborg Business School and Tec College. Every year they are asked to nominate one of their students, who with his/hers good humor, positive attitude and happy disposition has been creating a good atmosphere.