Christian Den Fjerdes Laug


Spar Nord 1In the usual good blend of seriousness and humor could Christian The Fourth´s Guild the 16th of December 2017 celebrate its first 75 years.

What was originally a protest against the occupation forces, has through the years developed into one of Aalborg´s most well-known culture- and tourist-attractions – yet still with a good mixture of seriousness and good humor as a leading principle. Christian The Fourth´s Guild could the 16th of December celebrate its 75th years anniversary of its foundation in 1942 in the dark years of the Second World War.>>>

Humrlegat Aalborghus 2017 1The setting was perfect and could scarcely be better when chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen, thirst-master Palle Bjørnstrup and troubadour Kjeld Trudslev, all from Christian The Fourth´s Guild appeared in Aalborghus Gymnasium in order to donate a Good Spirit-prize to Mads Aaby Gaunby.

The gymnasium – which is an upper secondary school – was already in a festive mood as this day also was the gymnasium´s anniversary. In this connection it was a strange coincidence that Christian The Fourth´s Guild the following day could celebrate its 75th years anniversary.>>>

Billede 4

The annual presentation of donations from the foundation took place - as usual – on the first Wednesday in December in Duus’ Vinkælder.  The presentation was carried out by the Board of the Foundation:  Former mayor Kaj Kjær,  former CEO of Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, Ernst Trillingsgaard, member of the County Council, cand.jur. Vibeke Gamst, chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen and the administrator of the foundation, bencher Per Svensson.>>>

2017 12 04 HumoerlegatThe prizes – which are given to young people who are being educated in Aalborg’s “gymnasier” and Tech College – are given out as an extraordinary Christmas and New Year gesture to the young people, and it consists of a diploma and a modest amount of money, so that the receivers should be able to create some Christmas-festivities around them.

It is for the 28th time that the Guild donates the “Good Spirit-prizes to about twenty young students or apprentices. The prizes can’t be applied for, but the Guild gets help to the nomination from the “gymnasier” and education-places,  which are choosing the receivers according to the Guild’s rules, which states: “that the receiver should be a student or an apprentice, who with her/his friendly disposition, good humor and positive attitude has contributed to create a good atmosphere and good comradeship and thereby inspired teachers and fellow-students to function in a pleasant and positive way.”>>>


UNMILPOC means United Nations Military Police Course, and the members are in this country in order to have – at Aalborg Barracks in Hvorup - an international training as a MP.

On this day 21 persons was initiated, and this 21 persons represented no less than 13 nations, really an international group!>>>