IMG 4262General assembly was held 23rd of February in Duus’s Winecellar.
The Cellar was full of happy members, who enjoyed that we finally could meet again.

The Chief Bencher mentioned, that we have had 6 initiations in 2021, but the foresight for 2022 is much better.

Our Master of ceremonials Karl Salling Møller passed away in April, at the age of 96 years. Karl had been a member for 46 years, 40 of them on the Board.
Bencher Per Svensson, has after 37 years in the Guild, 25 of them on the board, decided to retire. Per has during all the years made a great effort for the Guild.
Henning Kaastrup was initiated as a new board member. Amongst all his good qualities, he is playing the guitar very well.

The Foundation of the Guild has had a good year, we paid out dkr. 54.000 to several good purposes. This year we expect to donate up to dkr. 80.000.
The Foundation has this year existed for 25 years and has during the years donated dkr.1.6 million.

The chairman of the Foundation through all the years, former mayor Kaj Kjær, has wanted to retire, and was duely thanked for his great effort, done to the Foundation.
New member on the Board of the Foundation is Michael Slavensky Dahl.

IMG 4270Following prices was awarded:
Laugets Hæderspris (Honorary Award): Knud Christensen
Aalborgprisen:  Aalborg Garden, represented by Cecilie Laustsen and Michael Christensen
Soldier of the year: David Gerdt
4. Maj Kollegiet: Frida Rosenlund Falk Thøstesen and Magnus Neve-Græsbøll.
Finally, we had a very special donation. A young man, Philip Park Nielsen, had last weekend saved a man from drowning in the Limfjord. He received a modest cheque, and great applause from the public.

After the Chief Bencher had thanked the board, and the hosts in Duus’s Winecellar Peter and Lene Kragh for a splendid cooperation during the year, the evening continued with a initiation of 12 persons.

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 Photo: Fini Ryming