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Some 8–10 young students in Aalborg has again this year received some extra Christmas pocket money. It is Christian the Fourth´s Guild who this year – for the 26th time - distributes its Prize of good Spirit to a student on each of Aalborg´s high schools and similar educational institutions. A couple of the places are each year visited by representatives from the Guild – accompanied by the Guild Troubadour.

This year it was a student in Aalborg Katedralskole and one in Tech College. On the other educational institutions is the donation presented by the headmasters, usually at the Christmas celebration. The grants can not be applied for, but are presented to a student who is recommended by the school´s leadership.

The joy of life should blossom and Aalborg is a happy city. A small check here at Christmas time contributes to see life from the brighter side, said the Guild´s chief bencher, Niels Voss Hansen, when he handed over the diplomas and checks.

Andreas Holmgaard, Aalborg Katedralskole received his check in the school, and Stefan Vilsen, apprentice waiter who is a trainee at restaurant Prinses Juliana in Aalborg, received his check there as he was surprised when the the Guild made their appearance.

But remember that the money should be spent in the good mood with which it is given. Not for textbooks or working clothes –but for parties and joy, admonished the chief bencher.

Photo: Fini Ryming and Jens Morten


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Winter RevyThere were lots of laughter and cheerful remarks when the actors from the Winter Revue 2015 were initiated into the Guild, and the chief bencher showed all his charm – especially towards the two female actors, Vicki Berlin and Lise Baastrup.

The four actors together with others from the staff were initiated on a Saturday morning in December. And even though they had been made to rise early after playing in the revue the previous night in Aalborg Kongres- og Kulturcenter, they were in a very cheerful mood during the initiation. In the photo is it Henrik Lykkegaard (left) and on the other side of the chief bencher Vicki Berlin, Lise Baastrup and Rasmus Krogsgaard.

- It is really an act of confidence that there are somebody who has the courage to give me a key to a wine cellar, grinned Lise Baastrup after the initiation.

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Photo: Jens Morten

25.000Perhaps for the first time in the long history of the Guild (which was founded on the 16th of December 1942) the chief-bencher moved away from his high-backed chair at the benchers’ long table in Jens Bangs Stonehouse in Aalborg.

he occasion was the initiation into the Guild of member no 25,000, the Norwegian Anne Linn Salvesen, who was on a prolonged weekend in Aalborg with 35–40 other Norwegians from Tvedestrand in Norway. Anne Linn Salvesen was one of 11 new members, who were initiated during their stay in Aalborg, most of the others in the party – who visits Aalborg every year - having been initiated at earlier occasions. “I’m happy to leave my chair for a moment on such an occasion” said chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen, when Anne Linn Salvesen was welcomed. Beside a lifelong membership of the Guild she received chocolate and a bottle of “Laugsbitter”.

Many of the visitors to Aalborg, who over the years have been initiated into the Guild of Christian the Fourth, have left us, either because they have died or because they have not kept up their memberships.

“But we are proud, that we today have 8000 active members from nearly 100 different nations” said chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen”.

Photo: Fini Ryming

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4th julyFor decades the head-speakers of the Rebild celebration has been initiated into the Guild on the morning of the 4th of July - just before they leave for the tent-lunch and the festivities in Rebild Hills.

And of course it went according to the tradition this year too. The two head-speakers, Peter Work – who is a wine grover from California – and TV-journalist and former USA-correspondent for DR (Denmarks Radio), Kim Bilsøe Lassen, had first to sit nicely – but in good spirits – at an empty table, and then stand on either side of the benchers in Duus’ Winecellar, while the benchers – as the ritual bids – several times called out: “Our thirst first.”

The companions of the head-speakers, Rebecca Work and Divya Das, were initiated too, and so were several members of the Rebild Society, as well as the American military attaché to Denmark, James F. Gibson, and his wife Margie.

The American ambassador, Rufus Gifford, was initiated last year, when he for the first time attended the festivities in the Rebild Hills, but there was a very friendly meeting with the benchers at the tent-lunch, where the ambassador also participated.

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Photo: Jens Morten and Fini Ryming

NorwegiansThe Guild has - for many years - had a branch in Oslo, and one of that branch’s great traditions are the Norwegian members’ summer-outing: to go visiting Aalborg. The Norwegians arrive late in the morning, and soon after new members are initiated into the Guild in Duus Vinkjælder in Jens Bangs Stenhus.

This year around 75 Norwegians participated in the ceremony, and 15 of them were initiated.

The Guild has more than 200 members in Norway, and Norwegian benchers with the vice chief bencher, Helge Qvigstad, in front participated in the visit to Aalborg and in the initiation.

Later this year some of our benchers will go to Oslo, where yet another initiation will take place. The Guild of Chr. IV in Aalborg has now more than 8000 members from 124 different countries. The Guild and its Foundation every year donate more than 100,000 DKK to social, cultural and humanitarian purposes.

After the visit to the Guild, the Norwegians spent the rest of the day in Aalborg City, before they – early in the evening – returned to Oslo.

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Photo: Jens Morten