2021 uddeling fra fondenAlthough the Corona crisis more or less locked Denmark down, the Christian the Fourth Foundation has been active.

On April the 16th the board of the Foundation meet - and went through the applications.

Around twenty persons/organizations were granted a donation.

Normally we would gather all the recipients in the wine cellar, for a light treatment, and hand over the money. 
But due to the restrictions, with maximum ten persons in a room, it was not possible.

Instead, we decided to invite three persons, which could represent all the recipients.

On May 4th, the three persons and the Board meet in our “Club room”

The Recipients were :
William Bjarkam, Salvation Army.
Lise Gam-Jensen, Goldschmidt`s Music Academy Aalborg.
Hanna Vig, Aalborg Pensionist Orchestra.

We all spent an hour or so enjoying a light treatment, and more important, each other´s company, as we were able to meet in person.

Next year we are celebrating the 25th year of the Foundation, and we certainly hope that it will be in the wine cellar with all the new recipients present.

Photo: Fini Ryming