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2018 Firlinger 3Two little girls and two little boys from Kongerslev has got an extra contribution to their old age pension because they received Christian The Fourth´s Guild´s triplet/quadruplet grant.

The grant was instituted in 1943 and are given to every triplet and quadruplet born in Aalborg. They each get a certain amount of money which time and inflation has raised to 1,500 DKK in 2018.

The quadruplets were born the 20th of April 2018. The quadruplets are named Leah, Noah, Axel and Ella; their father and mother are Anna and Luis Isaksson.

 Four benchers from the Guild visited the family and presented the grant and the money.

The mother received a bouquet of flowers and the father got a bottle of Laugsbitter. For the older brother Theo there was a box of Lego. For the small ones there also was a small bunch of flowers.

Christian The Fourth´s Guild was founded in Duus´ Vinkjælder in Jens Bangs Stenhus in December 1942 and the quadruplet/triplet grant was instituted a few months later. Last time it was presented was in 2017.

Caption: Jens-Chr. Schmidt (with Ella), Henrik Jensen (with Axel), Peter Reinau (with Noah), Niels Voss Hansen (with Leah), Luis, Theo and Anna.

Photo: Fini Ryming

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7Once each year Christian The Fourth´s Guild is “invaded” by its Norwegian branch which has its home in Oslo.  

It was a festive day with initiation of 10 new Norwegian members and when it was so festive it was not least because they had taken 80 Norwegians with them to Aalborg to participate in the initiation.

Chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen mastered the initiation in his usual fine style and the newly initiated had to take a walk in order to greet the Guild-tree in front of Aalborg old city hall and to try the “secret entrance” behind Jens Bang´s Stenhus.

The cheerful initiation ended with luncheon in Søgaard´s Bryghus and here there were wonderful music played by the Guild´s troubadours and by the New Orleans Orchestra that followed the Norwegians to Denmark.

Photo: Jens Morten

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The celebration of Christian The Fourth´s Guild´s 75 years jubilee on a sunny spring day on the fourth of May was a really wonderful day.
There was a cannon-salute, music, speech by the Mayor and other speeches, presentation of the "Light-prize" to
Jes Dige (Skyggebørn) and community singing.

We would like to say thank you to the more than 200 guests who participated in Duus´ Vinkjælder and the many who had sent gratulations.

We do that with this photo gallery.

The board of Christian The Fourt´s Guild want to thank everybody for their kind support of the jubilee festivities.

Photo: Jens Morten and Fini Ryming

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Jens Bangs Stenhus

Christian the Fourth´s Guild celebrates the Guild´s 75 years anniversary.

On the occasion of the anniversary it is a pleasure to invite you all to a reception, which is held on

Friday May 4th 2018

14.30 to 16.45 in Duus´ Vinkjælder,
Jens Bangs Stenhus.

The program for the day is as follows:

11.00 – 12.30   Initiation in Duus´ Vinkjælder of specially invited guests.

14.30                Aalborg Kanonlaug fires a salute from “Bankpladsen”, Østerå.

14.30 – 16.45   Reception in Duus´ Vinkjælder, where  
                          ”Lysprisen” (the Prize of Light) will be presented,
                          and there will be an opportunity to see or acquire
                          the Guild´s anniversary publication
                          “Til Glæde og Gavn” (To joy and benefit) Christian The Fourth´s Guild 
                          1942 - 2017.

17.00 – 18.30   Alsang (Community singing) in Gammel Torv in cooperation with Folkekirkens Hus.

Kind regards

The Board of Christian the Fourth´s Guild

Christian the Fourth´s Guild´s new mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMG 0331

Wednesday the 28th of 2018 February the general assembly was held in Jens Bangs Stenhus. A great number of persons participated.

Chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen said welcome and asked the assembly to observe 1 minute’s silence in remembrance of our bencher Tom Thylkjær, who died in 2017, and our honorable member the Royal Highness Prince Henrik, who died February 2018. (Chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen was among the 200 persons, who were specially invited to the Castrum Doloris in Christiansborg Slotskirke to say their farewells to His Royal Highness the Prince the day before the funeral service.)

Then the 2 new benchers, Kjeld Trudslev and Peter Reinau, were dressed in their cloaks and became thereby full members of the board.

And from there the usual agenda was followed. Honorable-vice-chief-bencher P.E. Jensen was chosen to chair the meeting, and he did so with a rough and yet tender hand.

The chief-bencher - in his report - listed the events of the year. He told that there had been17 initiations and that 460 new members had been initiated. He said that the Guild’s cashier unfortunately had had to leave the job because of illness, and that he was happy that 2. vice-chief-bencher Jens-Chr. Schmidt had been able to step in and for a time take over the Guild’s accounts.

The chief-bencher also mentioned the Guild’s 75th anniversary, which will be celebrated on the day of the liberation of Denmark, Friday the 4th of May, with an initiation into the Guild and a reception in Duus’ Vinkjælder and perhaps other jubilee activities.

After that Jens Chr. Schmidt presented the accounts, which showed a profit of DKK 30,399,00. He found that to be OK, due to the low interest rates.

The chief-benchers report as well as the accounts were approved by the assembly.

As usual there were donated honor and cash in connection with the general assembly. This year the Aalborg-prize went to Trine and Henrik Bakgaard for their unselfish idea of making Christmas-dinners for homeless people. The Prize of Initiative went to handball-player and mother Rikke Nielsen for her initiative to arrange handball for the disabled, and her plans for making a National Happiness Leage arranging handball games for disabled youngsters. Overkonstabel Mark Siggaard Johansen was chosen as Soldier of the Year for being competent and helpful and for being a cheerful person. As usual there were donations to the occupants of the Churchill-room and the Toldstrup-room in the 4th of May-College, this year it was Gustav S. and Sofie Nielsen.<<<

Foto: Fini Ryming
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