Christian Den Fjerdes Laug


Finally, first initiation in 16 months.

9We were happy, when we learned the Rebild Society would go through with the celebrating of the 4th of July festivities in Rebild Hills this year.

2020 was the first year since the second world war, where there were no public events in the hills.

So, on Sunday the 4th of July we were ready, and eager, to start the initiation.

It turned out to be a real nice morning, everybody was in a good spirit, and we did not make too many errors.

Among the 14 new members initiated was U.S. Keynote speaker Andreas Mogensen, the only Danish Astronaut, who has been to space, now living in Houston and the Danish Keynote speaker Anders Agner Pedersen, editor in Chief at

The U.S. embassy was represented with Charge d`Affaires Stuart A. Dwyer.

After the initiation we drove to Rebild Hills, where we attented the traditional tent lunch, this time not in a tent, but in a blockhouse, due to corona-19 regulations.

During the Lunch we handed over Christian the Forth ties to the two Keynote speakers: Andreas Mogensen and Anders Agner Pedersen. Also Stuart A. Dwyer and finally Jørgen Bech Madsen, President of the Rebild Society got a tie.

We in the Board are happy, that we have started after this long period of doing almost nothing. We are looking forward to several initiations in the fall.

See the pictures here

Photo: Jens Morten

2021 uddeling fra fondenAlthough the Corona crisis more or less locked Denmark down, the Christian the Fourth Foundation has been active.

On April the 16th the board of the Foundation meet - and went through the applications.

Around twenty persons/organizations were granted a donation.

Normally we would gather all the recipients in the wine cellar, for a light treatment, and hand over the money. 
But due to the restrictions, with maximum ten persons in a room, it was not possible.

Instead, we decided to invite three persons, which could represent all the recipients.

On May 4th, the three persons and the Board meet in our “Club room”

The Recipients were :
William Bjarkam, Salvation Army.
Lise Gam-Jensen, Goldschmidt`s Music Academy Aalborg.
Hanna Vig, Aalborg Pensionist Orchestra.

We all spent an hour or so enjoying a light treatment, and more important, each other´s company, as we were able to meet in person.

Next year we are celebrating the 25th year of the Foundation, and we certainly hope that it will be in the wine cellar with all the new recipients present.

Photo: Fini Ryming


Laugs-Newsletter 2021 read it here



Imerco 2Finally, after 10 month of doing nothing officially in the Guild - we were able to donate the “Good Spirit Prize for 2020”

Every year Christian the Fourth Guild donates a prize of dkr. 1.000 and a diploma to a student in one of Aalborg`s high Schools or Tec. Colleges.
The prize is awarded to a student who with his/hers good humor, positive attitude and happy disposition has been creating a good atmosphere.
Each year the Guild visits one school and one business/trade to hand over the diploma and money, in person, instructing the recipients to use the money wisely, to his or hers liking.
On Friday 11th of December we visited Imerco, a hardware store, downtown Aalborg, where apprentice Cindi Beyerholm was awarded the prize.
"Cindi Beyerholm is always working with high spirits, friendly towards colleges and customers, and has performed exellent during these Covid-19 times".
Cindi was taken completely by surprise and was very happy to receive the prize.

The second to receive the prize was Freja Petrea Brødslev Ferrieux from Hasseris Gymnasium. Petrea is studying on her third year at Hasseris Gymnasium, International line.
Hasseris Gymnasium"Petrea has a positive mind, is tolerant, has a lot of humor, cares for her fellow students, and has a lot of empathy".
Both donations were physically handed over according to the Covid-19 rules.
One of the good things about the “Good Spirit Prize” is, that one does not have to be the smartest or most diligent student – but can it be combined, it does not harm.

Photo: Jens Morten


The Chief Bencher mentioned in his report some highlights from Chr4 generalforsamling 20 8last year.                    

We had twice donated a “Pat on the shoulder” for saving two persons from drowning, donations of “Good Spirit Prizes”

Initiations of soldiers from Unmilpoc, and from Oslo Branch ten Norwegians, supported by seventy happy country men.

An American journalist from New York visited the Guild, he and Four others were initiated, which resulted in a fine article i New York Times.

The Chief Bencher thanked former Bencher Jens Schultz for his 28 years of splendid service to the Guild.

Vicechiefbencher Henrik Jensen has wanted to retire after 15 years of eminent work as a guildclerck and vicechiefbencher. The chiefbencher expressed his admiration for the work done, and later in the evening Henrik was appointed honorary vicechiefbencher of the Guild.

This year Prize of Honor went to Tore Madsen- Center of Danish Jazz History.
The prize of initiative went to the veteran railway organization “Limfjorden” for their effort to keep the old trains running.

The Aalborg prize as donated to the volunteer helpers at Hospice Vangen.

After the donations the evening continued with the usual initiation of new members.

See the pictures from the meeting here

Foto: Jens Morten og Fini Ryming