Finally, first initiation in 16 months.

9We were happy, when we learned the Rebild Society would go through with the celebrating of the 4th of July festivities in Rebild Hills this year.

2020 was the first year since the second world war, where there were no public events in the hills.

So, on Sunday the 4th of July we were ready, and eager, to start the initiation.

It turned out to be a real nice morning, everybody was in a good spirit, and we did not make too many errors.

Among the 14 new members initiated was U.S. Keynote speaker Andreas Mogensen, the only Danish Astronaut, who has been to space, now living in Houston and the Danish Keynote speaker Anders Agner Pedersen, editor in Chief at

The U.S. embassy was represented with Charge d`Affaires Stuart A. Dwyer.

After the initiation we drove to Rebild Hills, where we attented the traditional tent lunch, this time not in a tent, but in a blockhouse, due to corona-19 regulations.

During the Lunch we handed over Christian the Forth ties to the two Keynote speakers: Andreas Mogensen and Anders Agner Pedersen. Also Stuart A. Dwyer and finally Jørgen Bech Madsen, President of the Rebild Society got a tie.

We in the Board are happy, that we have started after this long period of doing almost nothing. We are looking forward to several initiations in the fall.

See the pictures here

Photo: Jens Morten