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UK Laugstidende 2019 200

IMG 1518It was a great day at Nørresundby Gymnasium: It was the last school-day before Christmas and the 60th birthday of Headmaster Søren Hindsholm, and chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen and his men were welcomed when they entered the hall and seized the microphone.
After a brief presentation of the Guild of Christian the Fourth the chief-bencher announced that the Guild also donates several prizes such as the Good-Spirit-Prize, which every year is given to students at Aalborg´s Gymnasier and Tech College.
The prize is given to a student, who has a positive attitude, a friendly and humorous disposition and a capacity for creating a pleasant atmosphere. Here the chief-bencher asked Tristan Grant Sporring to step forward to receive the Prize, which consists of a diploma, the Guild’s 75-years Jubilee booklet and a (minor) sum of money, which the chief-bencher – as usual – advised the receiver to spend on something quite unnecessary, as it was money far from all budgets. Then the chief-bencher proposed three “hurrahs”,   and it sounded very fine through the hall.
Rector Søren Hindsholm was not totally forgotten. He too had to step forward and he received for his 60th birthday a bottle of Christian the Fourth´s Laugsbitter – for later consummation.    

To a round of applause the representatives for the Guild then left the hall.

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Photo: Fini Ryming



Humørlegat 2018

After having secured the consent from restaurateur Lars Mouritzen on Tuesday the 13th of November at 12.30 some of the benchers from The Christian The Fourth´s Guild invaded restaurant “Papegøjehaven” to present one of the Guild’s Good Spirit-prizes to apprentice waiter Nina Suurland Nielsen .    

The Good Spirit-prizes are every year given to students from Aalborg’s gymnasier and from Tech College, where Nina Suurland Nielsen was nominated. The prize is given to students, who have a positive attitude, a humorous and friendly disposition and a capacity for creating a pleasant atmosphere. And concerning Nina Suurland Nielsen the college’s motivation was, that she is “a merry girl and a fine role-model for the waiter profession, smart and a fast learner”.

The donation of the legacy to Nina Suurland Nielsen was greeted with cheers from all the guests in the full restaurant “Papegøjehaven” – and Nina had to hurry back to her duties as soon as she had finished being photographed and had expressed her joy and had thanked for the legacy, which had been a total surprise.

Beside the diploma with the Honor Nina received a gift-voucher to Aalborg City, which the Chief-bencher advised her to use for something absolutely unnecessary, and she received Christian The Fourth´s 75-years Jubilee booklet, where she – should she want it – could read about the Guild and its history.

Photo: Fini Ryming



LegatmodtagereThree expectant representatives arrived at the Guilds room in Jens Bangs Stenhus, where the chief-bencher, Niels Voss Hansen, and the benchers awaited them. After a brief welcome the chief-bencher began the donations.

The three recipients of the donations were: The Colitis-Crohn Society, Aalborg Hunting

Club´s Nature-horn Blowers, and Aalborg Pensioners Orchestra.

The Colitis-Crohn Society was represented by Gitte Andersen from the society’s local branch in Northern Jutland. Colitis-Crohn is a disease in the large intestine, and the society got the donation for their work of information about this disease and its problems. The donation was DKK 4,000.

Aalborg Hunting Club Nature-horn Blowers was represented by Per Iversen, who on behalf of the club received the donation, DKK 2,000. The motivation for this donation is a wish to keep alive this musical speciality, and a wish to help the club going on representing Denmark at rallies around in Europe.

The third recipient was Aalborg Pensioners Orchestra, which got the donation partly because of its slogan: “We don’t eat pills – we make music”. This donation was also DKK 2,000.

The chief-bencher said on the occasion: “We would very much have liked the donations to have been bigger, and that there have been more of them, but the abnormal low rates of interest these days does that the yield of the capital of both the Christian the Fourth´s Guild and its Foundation is almost non-existing, so that there isn’t much to donate”.

Nevertheless, it was three happy representatives, that were leaving Christian The Fourth´s Guild-room and Jens Bangs Stenhus on that day.

 Photo: Fini Ryming

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Mette Fr. 2The leader of the Social Democrats Party, Mette Frederiksen, was initiated into Christian The Fourth´s Guild.
It was the original intention that Mette Frederiksen should be initiated in connection with the Guild´s 75-years anniversary on the 4th of May 2018.
Mette Frederiksen was unfortunately not able to participate at that date, and it was not until the 25th of October we got he opportunity to initiate Mette Frederiksen at another anniversary-initiation.
Besides Mette Frederiksen were 13 other persons initiated - among them the new principal-pair from Aalborg Convent, Flemming Møller Mortensen and Erik Elgaard.
It was a very nice initiation where Mette Frederiksen got the opportunity to experience a fine Aalborg tradition and enjoy mead and red sausages.

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Photo: Fini Ryming