Christian Den Fjerdes Laug


Inger RislandFor the 20th time, Inger and Bjørn Røisland brought a bunch of happy Norwegians to the Guild of Christian the Fourth.
The initiation was, as usual very lively and the participants from Tvedestrand were in a high spirit, when the new members had to show their white socks (a special gimmick for people coming from Tvedestrand).

The group also song a couple of beautiful and special songs, for the benchers.

As it was the 20th time Inger and Bjørn Røisland had a group in the Guild, the chief bencher held a little speech and presented Inger and Bjørn with a bottle of “Laugsbitter” and two “shot glasses” engraved with C4.

In return Inger promised that they would return year after year – which we already are looking forward to.

It was a really good day with lot of humor and good vibrations. 

Veteraner 01Initiation of Danish Veterans (including former Blue Barets, etc.) and the corresponding Norwegian organization NVIO.

19 new brothers and sisters were initiated, in presence of about 45 members. It created an excellent atmosphere in Duus´ Wine cellar.

This was the 25th time the associations held a meeting in Aalborg.

On account of that chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen handed over the Crest of Christian the Fourths Guild to chairman of the NVIO local branch in Larvik, Knut Erik Jørgensen and the chairman of the Danish Veterans “Limfjorden” Ole Nørholt.
The morning ended with lunch for the participants in Duus`s Wine Cellar.

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Foto: Fini Ryming

UNMILPOCOn September 4, there was initiation of students from UNMILPOC.

United Nations Military Police Course abbreviated UNMILPOC is an international military policy course held by the Danish military police at Aalborg Barracks twice a year.

This year the course has its 50th anniversary, the first course being completed back in 1969.

The current course consists of 26 students from no less than 14 nations, one student even from Australia.
Before the initiation of the 26 students and a single new instructor, the course was officially welcomed to Aalborg at the city's old town hall.

13It is a tradition the keynote speakers and others involved in the 4th of July celebrations are initiated into Christian the Fourth’s Guild.

This year 20 people were initiated. Among those were the new president of the Rebild National Park Society, Jørgen Bech Madsen and his wife, the Danish keynote speaker Ole Sønnichsen, journalist and the author of several biographies, praised by the critics a.o. the book about Danish William S. Knudsen “One Dollar Man”. He has also written the great documentary story “The Journey to America”.
The American keynote speaker was Henrik Fogh Rasmussen was initiated in 2008 together with his parents Anne Mette and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former prime minister of Denmark. Henrik Fogh Rasmussen is the founder and president of Argonne Global.

Finally the Danish youth speaker Caroline Amalie Skade and Kurt Sørensen, who brought greetings from Danes in the U.S., were initiated.

A special event was the initiation of Louise Pflug Carlslund. She is a grandchild of our former treasurer, Erik Pflug, who was a respected member of the Board years ago.

After the initiation everybody left for the tent lunch in Rebild Hills.

During the dinner, the chief bencher awarded the keynote speakers Ole Sønnichsen, Henrik Fogh Rasmussen, the mayor for a day Edvard Bladt and Kurt Sørensen, from U.S. who brought greeting the danes i U.S., with a tie. Amalie Skade was given a beautiful scarf.

Before, during and after our music director played the “lur” an ancient instrument from the bronze age.

Usually the 4th of July celebrations in the hills takes place in sunshine, but this year it almost rained away.

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Photos taken by: Jens Morten (The Wine Cellar) and Fini Ryming (Rebild)

DonationSunday, April the 4th, a 49 year old man was rescued from drowning in the Limfjord.
For reasons unknown, he had fallen in the fjord in the area of Sturhs Brygge.
In an apartment close to the scene, the couple Dorssa Goodarzi and Joakim Bove' Winkler have their home.
Dorssa had been working late and were relaxing, watching television, when she suddenly head cries from the harbor.
She at once woke Joakim and sent him down to the fjord, while phoning alarm 112.
Joakim saw a man in the fjord and resolutely jumped into the fjord, and swam to the distressed man, who had moved more than 50 meters from the quay.
He was brought back to solid ground and taking to hospital by the waiting ambulance.
Apart from being cold he was all right.
The man must be said to be a lucky person. Joakim has been a keen swimmer, and have learned live saving at sea.
The Guild of Christian the Fourth found that this deed was an exceptional example of daring without thinking of ones live, so we decided to invite the couple down to the Guild, where we offered a small donation to Joakim and flowers to Dorssa, with compliments for their effort.

We are happy to tell that the couple will initiated in the Guild by a later occasion.

Foto: Jens Morten