IMG E7213No fewer than 14 different nations were represented at the Guild's initiation of UNMILPOC.

alborg is internationally involved in the training of military police. An activity that has been taking place for over 30 years, where military police personnel primarily undergoing training come to Aalborg. Twice a year, there is a course at the Military Police in Aalborg. A course that usually lasts for 14 days.

Another group from UNMILPOC, as the international military police work is called, was in Aalborg for this training course - and as tradition dictates, they must receive a true Aalborg reception by being initiated to Christian the Fourth's Guild. After visiting the city hall, the Guild introduces them to a part of Denmark and Aalborg's history by hearing about King Christian the Fourth and his deeds, hearing about the Merchant Jens Bang, who built the impressive house we find ourselves in 395 years ago, and, not least, the story of the Guild's establishment during World War II and its activities since 1942.

When the Guild's membership is described with members from about 120 different nations, and who has been admitted specifically on an international level over the years, people pay attention, because becoming a guild sister or brother is certainly something  special.. All this internationalism later turns into a Danish expression when Christian the Fourth's Guild's grand dinner is enjoyed. Two delicious Danish red sausages with bread and various accompaniments. This is supplemented with good Danish humor and communal singing, as well as "potato juice," and as usual, it creates a great IMG E7263atmosphere and Danish coziness.

This time, too, we had the pleasure of a visit of one of the military police leaders, this time a colonel and his wife from Bulgaria, where the Guild subsequently presented the colonel with a C4 weapon crest as a memento of the event.

There were happy faces everywhere when the day's initiation was over.

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