Christian Den Fjerdes Laug


Der afholdes ordinær Laugsforsamling, jævnfør Laugsskråens artikel 7,

tirsdag, den 28. februar 2023, kl. 19.00                                                                  Jens Bangs Stenhus

i Duus Vinkjælder, Østerågade, Aalborg.

Dagsorden ifølge Laugsskråen. Eventuelle punkter til dagsorden skal være Laugsstyrelsen skriftligt i hænde senest 21. februar 2023.
Medlemmer som har betalt ”livsvarigt medlemskab” eller årskontingent for 2023 er stemmeberettigede.

Bordbestilling afgives til Laugskældermester Ole Bech Kristensen, tlf.: 3029 0591

Optagelse af enkeltpersoner i Lauget kan ske i begrænset omfang denne aften, pris 350 kr. ligeledes ved henvendelse til Ole Bech Kristensen.


Forfald2On December 21st the Guild visited Aalborg City Gymnasium

Here we should present “the Good-Spirit-Prize” to Victoire Kalunga Namumya, but- as he was taking ill, Rector Mette Bilstrup received the Diploma and the cheque on behalf of Victoire.

The ceremony took place in front of over one hundred students who applauded, while troubadour Keld Truslev played the accordion.

The motivation for the prize was, that Victoire always is a happy soul, tells lot of stories, and create a good atmosphere around him.

 Photo: Jens Morten

SlagterlrlingApprentice butcher, Asbjørn von der Lippe, has been awarded “the Good-Spirit Prize 2022”

Christian the Fourth Guild`s “Good Spirit-Price” is every year given to young students from Gymnasiums located in Aalborg, Aalborg Business School, and Tec College. Every year they are asked to nominate one of their students, who with his/her good humor, positive attitude and cheerful disposition has been creating a good atmosphere.

Representatives from Christian the Fourth Guild were present at “Salling Super” on Friday 9th of December.

Here they handed over the Diploma and a modest cheque to Asbjørn von der Lippe, while customers and coworkers applauded, while Keld Truslev played the accordion.

Both Tec College and Salling Super had nominated Asbjørn because of his good mood, cheerful mind and positive attitude, and he is always creating a good atmosphere, and he is good singer!!

Photo: Jens Morten

Initiation of members from Sørøst- Norge University and University of Aalborg.

IMG 4729

Twenty-three persons were initiated, and there were some bystanders. As usual, when Norwegians and Danish are together there was a high spirit in the wine cellar. The initiation started around 17.30 hours, so when the new members should be on City sightseeing it was dark. Despite that, all succeeded in surviving, watering the tree, and getting through the secret passage to the wine cellar.

After having tasted the “potato juice” and the wonderful red sausages – our two-man band delivered a “jam session,” even with songs from our songbook.

Around 7 o`clock the Benchers left the Cellar, having had a nice afternoon. (Hoping the new members have had the same)

IMG 4731