It was a pleasure to have the employees from the company Auto-G at the Guild.

IMG 5144When the chief bencher entered the cellar of Jens Bang Stenhus after the master of ceremonies had asked the guests to rise, they were greeted with friendly but curious looks, as there was some anticipation about what was going to happen.

The anticipation grew a bit more pronounced when the toastmaster ensured that the chief bencher quenched their thirst, while the guests only had the opportunity to watch and perhaps wonder why they weren't offered anything to drink.

The chief bencher then began to introduce the guests to the history of Christian the Fourth's Guild, when and why the Guild was established, and why they are located in the renowned Jens Bang Stenhus, before explaining the rules of admission to the guests. All guests wished to join, so it was pleasing that none were deterred by the requirements.

On this day, it became necessary to take a short city tour, so we did not get to see the Guild's magnificent linden tree at Gammel Torv by the City Hall. This was necessary due to another event at Gammel Torv.

The company was received the secret passage by the Guild's historical expert, who explained why the secret passage became necessary, and demonstrated how the new members would have the opportunity to use the C4 key, which they each received upon admission.

IMG 5139Back in the cellar, spirits rose a few degrees as the guests finally got something to drink, first by getting acquainted with the old Viking drink mead and later learning about "Potato Juice" as well. Our two-man band played the Guild's good songs, and the atmosphere rose even further after the chairman entertained the guests with anecdotes, including those about Nordic cooperation and understanding, creating a really good mood during the intake of the Christian the Fourth Guild's grand and splendid dinner, where the red sausages were enjoyed with great joy.

But all good things must come to an end, so the chief bencher left the good company to move on to the next item on their agenda.
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