02Initiation of senior members from Chamber of Commerce – North Jutland

On October 4th 20 members of the organization were initiated into the Guild. There were about twenty-two bystanders, so there was a good spirit in the Wine Cellar.

The senior members had wanted to lean a little about the merchant Jens Bang, who had built the “Stonehouse” back in 1624. So, before the initiation our “Laugskældermester” Ole Bech Kristensen, gave a brief introduction to Jens Bang and the “Stonehouse”, without revealing anything of the coming initiation.

The initiation went fine, and the tree was properly watered with beer, and everybody survived the walk through the secret passage, and was seated to enjoy the red sausages, beer etc.

We had a cozy afternoon, where our “Two-man band” created a singalong with songs from our songbook. Due to the  many ladies attending, it sounded nice.

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