Humørlegat 2018

After having secured the consent from restaurateur Lars Mouritzen on Tuesday the 13th of November at 12.30 some of the benchers from The Christian The Fourth´s Guild invaded restaurant “Papegøjehaven” to present one of the Guild’s Good Spirit-prizes to apprentice waiter Nina Suurland Nielsen .    

The Good Spirit-prizes are every year given to students from Aalborg’s gymnasier and from Tech College, where Nina Suurland Nielsen was nominated. The prize is given to students, who have a positive attitude, a humorous and friendly disposition and a capacity for creating a pleasant atmosphere. And concerning Nina Suurland Nielsen the college’s motivation was, that she is “a merry girl and a fine role-model for the waiter profession, smart and a fast learner”.

The donation of the legacy to Nina Suurland Nielsen was greeted with cheers from all the guests in the full restaurant “Papegøjehaven” – and Nina had to hurry back to her duties as soon as she had finished being photographed and had expressed her joy and had thanked for the legacy, which had been a total surprise.

Beside the diploma with the Honor Nina received a gift-voucher to Aalborg City, which the Chief-bencher advised her to use for something absolutely unnecessary, and she received Christian The Fourth´s 75-years Jubilee booklet, where she – should she want it – could read about the Guild and its history.

Photo: Fini Ryming