Laugsforsamling 8 2019A bunch of happy people at a table in Duus Wine Cellar proved to be members of the Guild and that was of course why they were at the Annual Guild Meeting.

But there is more behind this. We found one of the happy participants Erik Christiansen from Støvring.

He could tell that the factual reason why they became members were that they all were engaged in Aalborg Corporate Sports. On the company's 50th anniversary they all were initiated in the guild.

At the same time they also became honorary members of Aalborg Firma Sport.

At that time we agreed to meet again, and it has become a tradition that we meet every year at the Annual Guild Meeting in Christian the Fourth Guild, and we have now done that for 21 years. It is Svend Aage Nymann who gathers us all together, and we are therefore happy participants every year, and have always reserved this table below the stairs, where we have our permanent place.

It is nice both to meet the old friends, but also to come here every year and take part in the activities of the Guild. We are of course not quite young anymore, but we will continue to meet as long as we can, and have a good evening in company with each other and in the company of Christian the Fourth Guild.