IMG 1518It was a great day at Nørresundby Gymnasium: It was the last school-day before Christmas and the 60th birthday of Headmaster Søren Hindsholm, and chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen and his men were welcomed when they entered the hall and seized the microphone.
After a brief presentation of the Guild of Christian the Fourth the chief-bencher announced that the Guild also donates several prizes such as the Good-Spirit-Prize, which every year is given to students at Aalborg´s Gymnasier and Tech College.
The prize is given to a student, who has a positive attitude, a friendly and humorous disposition and a capacity for creating a pleasant atmosphere. Here the chief-bencher asked Tristan Grant Sporring to step forward to receive the Prize, which consists of a diploma, the Guild’s 75-years Jubilee booklet and a (minor) sum of money, which the chief-bencher – as usual – advised the receiver to spend on something quite unnecessary, as it was money far from all budgets. Then the chief-bencher proposed three “hurrahs”,   and it sounded very fine through the hall.
Rector Søren Hindsholm was not totally forgotten. He too had to step forward and he received for his 60th birthday a bottle of Christian the Fourth´s Laugsbitter – for later consummation.    

To a round of applause the representatives for the Guild then left the hall.

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Photo: Fini Ryming