Christian Den Fjerdes Laug


New dress uniformOn Monday the 7th of June 2010 the members of the board wore the new outfit officially for the first time.

In 1988 the board-members of the C4-Guild got their first dress-uniform to indicate who they were and where they came from. Those first uniforms were sponsored by Sparekassen Nordjylland – a local bank which is now called SPAR NORD. Since then our dress-uniform has been a dark blue blazer with a golden C4-crest on the breast-pocket, tie with the C4-logo and grey trousers.

Our new dress-uniform consists of a plum coloured blazer with a golden C4-crest on the breast-pocket, black tie with a golden C4-logo and black trousers.

On Monday the 7th of June 2010 the members of the board wore this new outfit officially for the first time. With the Guild-troubadours in front of the procession they marched from Jens Bang´s Stonehouse to the Guilds ceremonial tree at the old town hall, where speeches were given by chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen, followed by 1. vice-mayor Helle Frederiksen and the managing director of SPAR NORD, Henrik Schou. The latter two representing the sponsors: The City Council of Aalborg, SPAR NORD and “Kejserens Klæder” (The Emperors Clothes, the local tailorshop, which has delivered the new dress-uniforms).

The Guild-troubadour Per Iversen played a tune on the lure (the old Viking wind-instrument) and everybody toasted in the beverage most preferred by the Guild – beer.

The ceremony – at which 7 members of the Guild’s Norwegian branch in Oslo were present – was followed by an initiation in Duus’ Wine Cellar. 

Photo: Jens Morten

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Queen magretheThe Danish royal family – and above all Her Majesty the Queen – are the most distinuished members of Christian The Fourth´s Guild, and all of them have after their initiation been appointed honorary members.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie have not yet been initiated, but in the Guild we are all hoping for that to happen soon.

The Guild as a rule always sends presents to members of the royal family on special occasions, and of course the Queen also received a present on her 70th birthday on April the 16th 2010.

The Guild has had produced new carafes of honour to use for special presents. Such a carafe with an inscription was sent to Her Majesty. On top of the carafe you see the logo ”C4 Laug” and below that are 3 lines engraved with the text


The carafe was of course accompanied by a bottle of ”Laugsbitter” and a card of congratulations from the Guild, signed by the Chief Bencher, Niels Voss Hansen.

The carafes are crafted by the glass artist Lene Højlund from Aalborg. The glass of the carafes is decorated with a pattern, which is incisions made while the glass was beeing blown. The inscription is engraved by the firm A.M. Gravering in Nørresundby.

Foto: Jens Morten 

65 yars anniversaryThe 16 th of December 2007 the Guild has existed 65 years. It was established in 1942 during WW 2 while Denmark was occupied. The purpose of the Guild was to secure the cellar - Duus´ Wine Cellar - as a meeting place for only Danish citizens. The occupation forces had grown very fond of the charming and impressive premises. By establishing the Guild as a club and add a rule according to which only club members - by presenting a membership card - could gain access to the cellar, the occupation forces and their followers were prevented from access.

After the war ended in 1945 the Guild felt that its purpose had been fulfilled. But the City Council of Aalborg asked the Guild to continue the tradition and welcome the citizens of Aalborg as well as people visiting Aalborg and initiate them into the Guild.

During the 65 years more than 22,000 named persons have been initiated. In the last time of the war the cellar was bombed by some nazi sympathizers. The board then had made an “secret passage” to the cellar, and since then alle members of the Guild has received a golden key to this discreet back entrance. During the 65 years 22.117 golden keys have been produced.  

 Photo: Jens Morten

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