The thai ambassadorChristian The Fourth´s Guild is now such a famous attraction that the ambassador to Denmark from Thailand and the first secretary from the embassy travelled from Copenhagen to Aalborg with the sole purpose of being initiated into the Guild.

Ambassador Payawat Niyomrerks and first secretary Pornpan Jankrajang knew the history of the Guild from general consul Ib Thomsen, Hvide Sande, who himself was initiated years ago and who this time was present as a spectator.

“I have heard so much about Christian The Fourth´s Guild that I wanted to be part of it” declared the ambassador before the initiation where he in the beginning had to sit with an empty glass while the benchers - according to the tradition - cared for their own “thirst first”. After the initiation - and still following tradition - was he served red sausages, beer and potato juice as Aalborg snaps is affectionately called in the Guild.

On the same occasion were 14 participants from UNMILPOC (United Nations Military Police Course) at Aalborg barracks initiated. That’s another tradition that participants in the international courses for military police are initiated. This year there were participants from eight different countries.

Foto: Jens Morten

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