In December 1942 – while Denmark was occupied by Nazi-Germany – The Guild was founded as club for a group of patriotic Danish men, who had their meeting place in Duus’ Winecellar. In the 70 years since then more than 25.000 persons from more than 100 different nations has been initiated into the Guild.

The Board of the Guild has decided to celebrate this anniversary on

Monday the of December 
from 13.00 p.m. to 16.00 p.m.

at a reception in Duus’ Winecellar, Østerågade 9, Aalborg.

It is our hope that members, friends and connections will participate in the celebration.

We will serve a glass of beer or wine and of course the traditional “C4-gala-treat”: red sausages, bread etc.

The very positive responses we usually experience from our newly initiated members make us believe that they are going home with good memories of Aalborg.
And we are still immodest enough to believe, that our being here in the City and our offering of initiations to both local people and many different guests is seen as something unique for Aalborg and its trade. Christian The Fourth´s Guild is thus an important part in the branding of Aalborg as a City worth visiting.

It wouldn´t have been possible for us to do that without the help and support from our many members and faithful supporters. We do hope that many of you will be there to celebrate the Guild and say hello to each other at the anniversary reception on Monday the 17th of December.