Good spirit

A little before Christmas time in the middle of December two young students got a surprise when they received the Guilds Prize of Good Spirit. A modest check followed the prize.

“Aalborg is a merry city and we all have to look at the bright side of life – and in that respect the check may help” said the Guild´s chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen when he presented the diplomas and the checks – first to Mikkel Siesgaard Hansen, Aalborg Studenterkursus, and later to Lisa Helene Skov, Agri College Aalborg.

Mikkel Siesgaard Hansen got the diploma and the check in a pause in the assembly hall at Aalborg Studenterkursus, and Lisa Helene Skov received her diploma and check in the canteen in Aalborg Zoo where she is a trainee, and where she hopes to become a keeper.

The annual Prizes of Good Spirit from the Guild are given to students who “with their good humor, cheerfulness and a positive disposition has added to the good spirit at their places and thereby been an inspiration for comrades and teachers to function in a positive and cheerful way.

. “ It is not necessarily because of diligence or efficiency – but of course these qualities are no obstacles” said the Niels Voss Hansen at the two presentations. It is the 25th time the Guild presents the prizes which are given to a student on each of Aalborg´s high schools and similar educational places. Every year some of the benchers show up at one or two of the institutions with the guild troubadour and all the trimmings. At the other places the prizes are presented by the head of the institution, usually during the Christmas celebration.

The prizes cannot be applied for but are given to a student selected by the institution´s management. “And it is because the prizes cannot be applied for, that they are special” said the chief bencher, and advised the students to use the check as it was meant – maybe something more funny than text books.

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Photo: Fini Ryming