New NorwegianThere were a festive atmosphere and much laughter in front of and inside Duus’ Vinkjælder when 80 Norwegian members of the Guild visited the Guild in Aalborg on the third of June. 15 Norwegian women and men were initiated into the Guild in the traditional way in the wine-cellar . The other Norwegians were present to witness that everything was done in the proper way (as chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen put it) and to visit our town.

The Guild of Christian the Fourth has for many years had a very active branch in Oslo with about 200 members. At least once a year the board of the Guild visits Oslo – and every summer Norwegian members of the Guild visit us in Aalborg. Because of these close connections the Guild has for many years had a Norwegian vice-chief-bencher. Since 2007 Trygve Soedring has held this position, but as he has wished to retire, Helge Qvigstad was appointed vice-chief-bencher at the visit here on the third of June. Helge Qvigstad who is already the leader of the Guilds Norwegian branch. He has had a long business-career, and is now retired. Privately, he lives with the Danish actor Berit Kvorrning - and should supposedly have a good chance of understanding the Danes! 

Picture 1:
The new Norwegian vice-chef-bencher receives the cloak of the Guild from former vice-chief-bencher Trygve Soedring (midst) while chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen (left) and vice-chief-bencher lend a hand.

Picture 2:
15 Norwegian women and men went through the traditional initiation in Duus’ Vinkjælder.

Picture 3:
The Norwegian guests enjoyed the “out of doors” refreshments in the nice summer weather – and to “Danish” prices, as they happily remarked.

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Foto: Jens Morten