Danes from all overInternational Balut Federation is a gathering of fun-loving people, so it was most appropriate that about 50 IBF-members were initiated into the Guild, when IBF held their World Champion-ship in Aalborg at the end of July.

Members of IBF are Danes living and working in other countries. There are more than fifty branches all over the world. The members are “baluteer”s, and they meet to play Balut, which is a fine game of dice. It is a network, but mostly it is fun and happiness. Fun and happiness are exactly what you find in the Guild too, and when 300 baluteers visited Aalborg for the World Champion-ship, their about 50 chairmen from all over the world were initiated.

Balut goes with cold beer, and is was a startling experience for the chairmen when they had to endure their thirst while looking at the benchers declaring: “Our thirst first!”

They had their revenge later on . .

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Foto: Ajs Nielsen