Students in AalborgEvery year in December a Good-Spirit-Prize is donated by Christian the Fourth´s Guild to a student at each of the colleges in Aalborg. It is up to each college to decide which student is worthy of the prize – but every year the Guild itself wants to present the prize at one of the colleges.

This year a group of the benchers went to the Commercial College for the presentation of the prize (and a check) to student Jacob Østergaard Nordtorp from Gistrup.

To get the prize the receivers are expected to be cheerful and positive persons with a sense of good fellowship. The applause when the prize was presented at the Commercial College seemed to indicate that Jacob Østergaard Nordtorp was the right choice.

The money that comes with the prize is not meant for books, pens and erasers, but for the more cheerful aspects of student life – as the chief bencher pointed out.

Jacob Østergaard Nordtorp receives the prize check from chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen, who is escorted by the guild clerk Henrik Jensen, the Guild´s treasurer Ib Regnarsson and one of the Guilds troubadours, Per Iversen, who blew a fanfare.

Photo: Jens Morten