100.000 dkk humanitarienEven though the rate of interest is low these years the foundation of the Guild was able to donate 100,000 DKK to social, humanitarian and cultural activities in the municipality of Aalborg. Every year the foundation gives away the yield from the capital – but this year a little help from the Guild was needed in order to secure the 100,000 DKK.

“And once again we have decided to give out many but more modest amounts of money, so that we can reach far out and reward as many as possible” said the chairman of the foundation´s board, former lord mayor Kaj Kjær, when he distributed checks to 24 applicants.

It is the 16th time the foundation gives out donations – and true to tradition it took place in a good Christmas-mood with glögg (mulled wine) and apple-dumplings in Duus´ Winecellar in Jens Bang´s Stonehouse in Aalborg. The foundation´s capital comes from the work of the Guild and from it´s members all over the world.

Earlier in the year seven other applicants have received donations from the foundation. It has been to special projects which were in need of immediate financial support and could not await the December distribution. All the 31 recipients are from organizations and groups where the board has decided that they contribute to “the voluntary and unpaid work for the lesser privileged groups and members of our society”.

The 31 recipients cover a wide field: Kamillus (which is a support group for Kamilianergaardens Hospice), Hassinghave, which is a residential home for elderly and disabled people in Vester Hassing, the Danish Red Cross, The Athletic Association for the Disabled in Aalborg – but also the Pensioners Orchestra, the “Multisingers”, a club for retired “Tobacco Girls” from the former Obel tobacco factory and Aalborg Minitown got their share of the money the foundation was able to give out in 2013.

Besides Kaj Kjær the board of the foundation consists of the former Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs, author Mette Madsen, CEO Ernst Trillingsgaard (AKKC), chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen and the daily administrator Per Svensson, the last two also members of the board of the Guild.

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Photo: Jens Morten