Good spirit price caepenterThe Good-Spirit-Prizes are each year given out to one student in each of Aalborg´s colleges. But this year the Guild´s board had decided that also an apprentice craftsman should receive one of the Guild´s Good-Spirit-Prizes.

It is a rather modest check which necessarily should not be given to the most hard-working and diligent student, but to a student who is a good mate with a positive attitude and a cheerful disposition.

“But if a student can be found who combines all these things, then it is great” as chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen said when he – escorted by three benchers gave the prize to apprentice carpenter Rasmus Lyngbak Søgaard.

Besides the diploma and the check Rasmus also received a fanfare from the Guild´s troubadour Per Iversen.

The ceremony took place in front of Rasmus´ classmates, when the Guild representatives surprised them all in the carpentry hall at the Construction College in Aalborg (former the Technical School). As usual it was the teachers of the college who had chosen the right student for the prize. Even though the prize is given for good spirit and may be spent on any kind of festivities, Rasmus seemed inclined to use it to buy a good piece of a carpenters tool.
Rasmus is an apprentice at the carpenter firm Bjarne Brath in Hadsund.

Photo: Arne Mathiesen