80 norwegians“Good Danish company, sunshine, beer & “snaps” in sufficient quantities – and at fantastic prices!” That was the comments from around 80 contented Norwegians, all members of C4’s Norwegian branch, who were in town to attend the initiation into the C4 of the 15 of them who were not already members of the Guild here.

The Norwegian board of benchers accompanied them, led by the vice-chief-bencher Helge Qvigstad. It is a tradition that the very active Norwegian branch every summer visits us here in Aalborg, where also new members are initiated into the Guild in the traditional way in Duus’s Winecellar.

Until the initiation starts, and the members to-be have had their little walk around the tree, they will have only their empty glasses to stare at, while the benchers several times will cry out the toast: “Our Thirst First”.

Such is the tradition, which the Guild still follows, as the Guild still observes, what was written down in big letters when it was founded in 1942: “The Guild should always create a friendly meeting-place for optimistic citizens”. It all seems to agree with the Norwegians, since 80 to 100 of them every year come to visit the Guild in Aalborg.

Later in the year our benchers will travel to Oslo, where there also will be an initiation of Norwegians into the Guild.

P.t. the Guild has about 7700 members worldwide from 124 different nations.

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Photo: Fini Ryming