Reward priceThey didn´t know each other until in the early morning on Saturday the first of November, but since then they have been in contact by phone or text message at least once every day.

Their first meeting was under rather unusual circumstances. 19-year old Anders Neve Enggaard rescued 39-year old Henrik Thomsen from drowning in Aalborg Harbor.

Henrik Thomsen was accidentally driving his car into the harbor basin close to the harbor stairs and the “Honnørkaj”, where there are no traffic signs and no barriers. At the same time Anders Neve Enggaard was driving along on the near-by coast road. He heard the splash and saw a glimpse of Henrik Thomsens car as it went into the harbor basin. Anders Neve Enggaard resolutely jumped into the water and got Henrik Thomsen out of his sinking car.

Since then they have been close and it seemed only natural to Anders Neve Enggaard to bring Henrik Thomsen when he was summoned to the Guild to receive its prize for his heroic deed.

- We are not in a position to donate a substantial sum but when we are able to give a pat on the shoulder and a little money for maybe a good dinner then life will be a little funnier and more cozy, said chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen.

Anders Neve Enggaard and Henrik Thomsen will both be invited to participate in the next Guild meeting where they will be initiated into the Guild.

Chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen presents a modest check to Anders Neve Enggaard while Henrik Thomsen and some of the benchers look on.

Photo: Jens Morten