StroybergNiels Kaj Strøyberg has for many years been an outstanding and highly esteemed person in Aalborg’s commercial, educational and cultural development. That is why the Guild has chosen to present him with the Guild’s Prize of Honor.

That was revealed at the Guilds general meeting in February, but Niels Kaj Strøyberg was out of town then. Now the Prize – and a check and the Guild´s special tie – has been presented to him at a small event in The Guild’s room over the winecellar in Jens Bang’s Stonehouse. The Prize of Honor is given to a person or an institution, who or which has done something special for Aalborg.

“For decades Niels Kaj Strøyberg has - with his optimism, his knowledge and his great network - been primus motor for a great many initiatives and projects, which have developed into very good things for our city and for its inhabitants” said the chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen, when the Prize of Honor was handed over.

“One of Niels Kaj Strøybergs latest initiatives has been his tireless efforts in the committee, which worked for the establishment of Musikkens Hus (House of Music) in Aalborg. He was instrumental in raising the 80 million DKK for this purpose and the building is now standing proudly at the Aalborg waterfront” said the Chief bencher.

Niels Kaj Strøyberg and his wife Kirsten have been members of the Guild for years, and they brought their key to the secret door “just to be sure …”

The Troubadour of the Guild blew a fanfare for N.K. Strøyberg and his wife Kirsten, when chief bencher, Niels Voss Hansen, and other benchers presented the Prize of Honor.

Photo: Jens Morten