NorwegiansThe Guild has - for many years - had a branch in Oslo, and one of that branch’s great traditions are the Norwegian members’ summer-outing: to go visiting Aalborg. The Norwegians arrive late in the morning, and soon after new members are initiated into the Guild in Duus Vinkjælder in Jens Bangs Stenhus.

This year around 75 Norwegians participated in the ceremony, and 15 of them were initiated.

The Guild has more than 200 members in Norway, and Norwegian benchers with the vice chief bencher, Helge Qvigstad, in front participated in the visit to Aalborg and in the initiation.

Later this year some of our benchers will go to Oslo, where yet another initiation will take place. The Guild of Chr. IV in Aalborg has now more than 8000 members from 124 different countries. The Guild and its Foundation every year donate more than 100,000 DKK to social, cultural and humanitarian purposes.

After the visit to the Guild, the Norwegians spent the rest of the day in Aalborg City, before they – early in the evening – returned to Oslo.

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Photo: Jens Morten