Some 8–10 young students in Aalborg has again this year received some extra Christmas pocket money. It is Christian the Fourth´s Guild who this year – for the 26th time - distributes its Prize of good Spirit to a student on each of Aalborg´s high schools and similar educational institutions. A couple of the places are each year visited by representatives from the Guild – accompanied by the Guild Troubadour.

This year it was a student in Aalborg Katedralskole and one in Tech College. On the other educational institutions is the donation presented by the headmasters, usually at the Christmas celebration. The grants can not be applied for, but are presented to a student who is recommended by the school´s leadership.

The joy of life should blossom and Aalborg is a happy city. A small check here at Christmas time contributes to see life from the brighter side, said the Guild´s chief bencher, Niels Voss Hansen, when he handed over the diplomas and checks.

Andreas Holmgaard, Aalborg Katedralskole received his check in the school, and Stefan Vilsen, apprentice waiter who is a trainee at restaurant Prinses Juliana in Aalborg, received his check there as he was surprised when the the Guild made their appearance.

But remember that the money should be spent in the good mood with which it is given. Not for textbooks or working clothes –but for parties and joy, admonished the chief bencher.

Photo: Fini Ryming and Jens Morten


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