IMG 4404The Chief Bencher welcomed all the members, and guests. The Chief Bencher started by remembering Per Iversen and Per Svensson, both with over twenty years of service at the Board, both had died since the last Assembly.

In 2022 we have inaugurated 338 persons from eighteen countries, amongst them 224 Danes, 53 Norwegians two had from Ukraine and one from Argentina.

During the 4th of July festivities the new American ambassador Alan Leventhal and his wife Sherry was inaugurated.

Later in the year members of the Crew from the Danish frigate Absalon was taken up as new members, just before the ship rushed to the Baltic sea.

We have had two inaugurations with our friends fra UNMILPOC, (military police)

Philip Holst Nielsen, who had saved a man from drowning got “a pat on the shoulder".IMG 4409DSC 0056 2

Soldier of the Year was private first Class Jonas Høvring Skov

Eight persons got the “good spirit price”. The price is every year awarded to young students from gymnasiums located in Aalborg, Aalborg Business School, and Tec College.

The initiative Price went to Martin Bossen, Safe House

The Aalborg Price went to Lise Hansen, Café Parasollen

The Honorary Award went to Sonja Christensen, Raise for Kids

The Christian the Fourth Foundation has got a new member, Professor Michael Slavensky Dahl. Our former Chairman Kaj Kjær, had after 25 years of service wanted to retire.

The Foundation had payed out 90.000 good purposes in 2022.

After the General Assembly ended, we inaugurated 10 new members.

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Photo: Private