in raceIt was a happy Bo Rosbjerg who at a gathering in Christian the Fourth´s Guild was presented with the Prize of Honor for 2016. Bo Rosbjerg should have received the prize at the Guild meeting in February, but at that time he was out of town.

Instead he received the honor – and a modest check – in the Guild´s meeting room in Jens Bang´s Stenhus. Bo Rosbjerg is the man who in November 1993 was active in creating the first interest for getting the Tall Ships´ Race to Aalborg, after having been skipper on the FDF sailing ship “Jens Krogh” and there had experienced the great sailing ships´ gathering – at that time known as Cutty Sark Tall Ships´ Race. Bo Rosbjerg succeeded in the mid-1990s to turn around the sceptic feelings of both the City and private sponsors, and Aalborg became host for the Tall Ships´ Race for the first time in 1999 - the same year as it was 100 years ago the sailing ship “Jens Krogh” was built.

The visit of the many ships in 1999 was a huge success – for both the ships´ crews and for Aalborg. Since then the Tall Ships´ Race has visited Aalborg on several occasions, and Aalborg will in July 2019 once more host the race for the fifth time.

- “It was you – who in spite of scepticism and adversity – in the beginning woke the City´s interest in getting all these wonderful ships to Aalborg, and it has every time been a tremendous success with lots of guests to Aalborg. and that work do we in Christian the Fourth´s Guild want to reward” said chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen, when he and some of the Guild brothers handed the Prize of Honor to Bo Rosbjerg, who – together with his wife Kirsten - visited the Guild.

Photo: Jens Morten