Imerco 2Finally, after 10 month of doing nothing officially in the Guild - we were able to donate the “Good Spirit Prize for 2020”

Every year Christian the Fourth Guild donates a prize of dkr. 1.000 and a diploma to a student in one of Aalborg`s high Schools or Tec. Colleges.
The prize is awarded to a student who with his/hers good humor, positive attitude and happy disposition has been creating a good atmosphere.
Each year the Guild visits one school and one business/trade to hand over the diploma and money, in person, instructing the recipients to use the money wisely, to his or hers liking.
On Friday 11th of December we visited Imerco, a hardware store, downtown Aalborg, where apprentice Cindi Beyerholm was awarded the prize.
"Cindi Beyerholm is always working with high spirits, friendly towards colleges and customers, and has performed exellent during these Covid-19 times".
Cindi was taken completely by surprise and was very happy to receive the prize.

The second to receive the prize was Freja Petrea Brødslev Ferrieux from Hasseris Gymnasium. Petrea is studying on her third year at Hasseris Gymnasium, International line.
Hasseris Gymnasium"Petrea has a positive mind, is tolerant, has a lot of humor, cares for her fellow students, and has a lot of empathy".
Both donations were physically handed over according to the Covid-19 rules.
One of the good things about the “Good Spirit Prize” is, that one does not have to be the smartest or most diligent student – but can it be combined, it does not harm.

Photo: Jens Morten