Uddeling 2019 2The Chairman of the Foundation, former mayor Kaj Kjær, handed over the donations at Duus`s Vinecellar.

Kaj Kjær stated that he was very happy to be able to support a number of good and charitable purposes.

Before that, he briefly outlined the economic conditions for relatively small foundation like ours.

A combination of low interest rates and the possibility of investing, had made it very difficult to produce a surplus, but somehow we have been able to produce around 40.000 Dkr. which was donated to the following good courses:

De frivillige på Aalborg Universitetshospital, Obelpigerne, Aalborg Forsvars- og Garnisionsmuseum, 4. juli festlighederne, Frelsens hær, Aalborg Pensionistorkester, Aalborg Fægteklub, Kristineklubben, Foreningen De Positive, Hjernesagen i Aalborg, Centerrådet Vestergårdens Strikkeklub, Danish Red Cross visitor service and Naturhornblæserne.

Uddeling 2019 1During the donations Glögg and apple dumplings were served, Hanna Vig, Per Iversen and Kjeld Truslev intertained with song and music.

After a couple of cozy hours, the chairman Kaj Kjær thanked all for attending, and wished everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Photo: Fini Ryming