Kristian Appelgren Pedersen ThurgadeHappy recipients of “The Good Spirit Prize” from Christian the Fourth Guild

Every year, Christian the Fourth Guild donates a price of 1.000 kr. and a diploma, to a student in each of Aalborg’s high Schools and Tec. College.

The price is awarded to a student: Who with his/her good humor, positive attitude and happy disposition has been creating a good atmosphere

Each year the Guild Visits one school and is handing over the diploma and money in person, and instruct the recipients to use the money wisely, that is, something nice to him/her and his/her friends.

This year we visited the business school in Turøgade - and here the “The Good-Spirit-Prize” went to Kristian Appelgren Pedersen from 3 C.

With the following motivation: Kristian is full of humor, has a positive attitude, and he certainly spreads good atmosphere at the school. Sebastian Pedersen Textur

Tech College had appointed apprentice chef Sebastian Pedersen, who when not at school, is in the kitchen of the restaurant Textur of Vesterbro in Aalborg.

Five benchers meet in restaurant “Texture”,where Sebastian, to his surprise, was meet with a trumpet solo, a speech from Chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen, who handed over the diploma and money.

The motivation from Tech College was: Sebastian is diligent, careful, has great professional knowledge and respect for raw materials, is a good friend and have a good humor.

One of the good things about Christian the Fourth Guild's “Good-Spirits-Prize is, that one does not have to be the wisest or most capable/diligent student - but combining it does not harm.

The chief bencher also told Sebastian to use the money a little bit senseless here close to Christmas.

Photo: Jens Morten og Fini Ryming