Christian the Fourth Guild has given them a "pat on the shoulder."IMG 2898

At a small ceremony in Christian the Fourth’s Guild the two officers, Frank Pedersen and Anders, were given a "pat on the shoulder" from the Guild. A man had fallen into the fjord, and was about to drown. Then the two officers jumped into the cold water (one degree C) and hold him until they were able to get him back on the quay and taken to Aalborg University Hospital, where a specialist doctor stabilized him.

After staying in the cold water, the two police officers quickly stripped off their wet clothes and were given a blanket to warm up while getting into the heat of a car. Both had managed the stay in the cold water very well, and were soon back in service.
The Guild thought it was a heroic deed, and decided to honor the two officers with a “pat on the shoulder”, consisting of a small amount and a bottle of “Laugsbitter”.

Photo: Fini Ryming