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Initiation of members from the Hjallerup Market committee

Today's initiation involved 19 new members, the majority of whom were from the association behind Hjallerup Market.

Through many years there has been a good connection between the Market Committee and Christian the Fourth Guild. 

All 19 received an introduction to the history of Christian the Fourth Guild, were initiated and then the new members were sent on the obligatory tour in Aalborg, which, however, was shorter than usual this day, as this year's Christmas Market totally occupied the area where our beautiful tree stands at Gl. Torv. The group reached the "secret entrance" - and luckily one of the keys to the entrance worked.

Back in the cellar, the mead was tasted and the program continued with the dinner of Christian the Fourth Guild, and the ritual consumption of the "potato juice".

Our "three man band" entertained the newly initiated and the spectators in the cellar with wonderful melodies. 

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Foto:  Fini Ryming