Inger RislandFor the 20th time, Inger and Bjørn Røisland brought a bunch of happy Norwegians to the Guild of Christian the Fourth.
The initiation was, as usual very lively and the participants from Tvedestrand were in a high spirit, when the new members had to show their white socks (a special gimmick for people coming from Tvedestrand).

The group also song a couple of beautiful and special songs, for the benchers.

As it was the 20th time Inger and Bjørn Røisland had a group in the Guild, the chief bencher held a little speech and presented Inger and Bjørn with a bottle of “Laugsbitter” and two “shot glasses” engraved with C4.

In return Inger promised that they would return year after year – which we already are looking forward to.

It was a really good day with lot of humor and good vibrations.