Mette Fr. 2The leader of the Social Democrats Party, Mette Frederiksen, was initiated into Christian The Fourth´s Guild.
It was the original intention that Mette Frederiksen should be initiated in connection with the Guild´s 75-years anniversary on the 4th of May 2018.
Mette Frederiksen was unfortunately not able to participate at that date, and it was not until the 25th of October we got he opportunity to initiate Mette Frederiksen at another anniversary-initiation.
Besides Mette Frederiksen were 13 other persons initiated - among them the new principal-pair from Aalborg Convent, Flemming Møller Mortensen and Erik Elgaard.
It was a very nice initiation where Mette Frederiksen got the opportunity to experience a fine Aalborg tradition and enjoy mead and red sausages.

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Photo: Fini Ryming