2018 07 Trillinger1A mother to triplets in Visse reacted, when she saw Christian the Fourth’s Guild’s Grant to Triplets mentioned in an article about the quadruplets in Kongerslev.

That is why C4 once more – with great pleasure - had to turn out to deliver the Triplet Grant, which was founded in 1944, and these triplets in Visse became the number 104 triplets to receive the Grant,(and we in the Christian The Fourth´s Guild feel that we play a small part in the increase in population through the years).

The tripletmothers  Lise Overby and Gro Garner Overby, Visse, had thought it puzzling that they hadn’t heard anything about a Triplet Grant – and it has now been revealed to be an error in the call-system for “ triplets and more than 3 children-births”.

Christian The Fourth´s Guild was very happy to receive the “news” about the triplets in Visse, and have now visited and presented the three children with their grants and bouquets of flowers and a bottle of “laugsbitter” for the mothers.

The Visse-triplets, Ingrid, Kamma and Frede, are born on the 17th of May 2017, and they are by far the biggest triplets that the chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen has as yet presented with the Triplet Grant.

Mama Lisa  tells that the pregnancy lasted 34 weeks and 6 days – then the children were born, 5 weeks prematurely – but they were O.K. all three of them, even though their first days had to be spent in the neonatal ward in Aalborg University Hospital. Their birth-weights were: 2,0 kg, 2,1 kg and 2,75 kg.

Once again the Guild’s Triplet Grant had succeeded in – a little late this time – to create some pleasure in a new home.  

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