uddeling 03Christian the Fourth´s Guild´s Foundation has as its objective to distribute each year 100,000 DKK to social, humanitarian and cultural activities in Aalborg municipality and nearest neighborhood. The principal capital is 2 million DKK and it is the yield from that which is distributed. But the present world economic crisis makes it difficult to reach this objective, and that is why the Guild has made a contribution such that we also this year can donate 100,000 DKK, said the chairman of the Foundation´s board, former mayor Kaj Kjær when he in accordance with tradition presented the checks, while glögg and dumplings were served in Duus´ Wine Cellar in Jens Bangs Stenhus.

The Guild´s Foundation distributed this year donations to 33 recipients. It is organisations, societies and a few individuals. This means relatively modest amounts – but the money is meant as a pat on the shoulder to “the voluntary, unpaid work to benefit the less privileged groups of society” as it is expressed in the Foundation´s rules.

A few applicants got their checks earlier in the year because the donation was needed then. The other applicants got their check at the Christmas gathering in Duus´ Wine Cellar. This is also the place where Christian the Fourth´s Guild has its “headquarters” and the Foundation´s capital comes from the Guild´s work – and from the many members of the Guild all over the world.

The recipients are - as always – a very different crowd. From a supporting organization for KamillianerGårdens Hospice to Danish Red Cross´ visiting service and an organization for families with cancer-sick children to Aalborg Pensioner´s Orchestra. And this year there also were money to a song group in Aalborg whose older members have had to realize that their eyesight is not what it used to be. The Foundation helped them to get songbooks with large printed text.

Besides Kaj Kjær the Foundation´s board has in 2015 consisted of former minister of ecclesiastical affairs Mette Madsen, CEO Ernst Trillingsgaard, the Guild´s chief bencher, Niels Voss Hansen and the Foundations daily administrator, bencher Per Svensson.

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Photo: Jens Morten