laugsforsamling1 2017

Honors of the year from Christian the Fourth´s Guild 2017

But traditions can be broken and even the 75-years old Guild must realize the arrival of modern technology – so this year´s greeting was sent, not by email or SMS, but by telefax. The answer – which was sent by email – was signed by His Royal Highness Crown-prince Frederik, who in his mother´s absence were regent. Both the Queen and the Crown-prince and several other members of the royal family are honorary members of the Guild.

In the past year the Guild has initiated 326 new members from 31 different countries. All are initiated into the Guild in Duus´ Vinkjælder in Jens Bang´s Stenhus in Aalborg. The many new members are good PR for tourism in Aalborg, but as there are a small fee to be paid for the initiation it also creates an income for the Guild. The money is all spent to benefit, to please and to enjoy, and the guild´s Foundation donates every year about 100,000 DKK to social, humanitarian and cultural purposes. Furthermore the Guild every year hands out “Grants of good spirit” to students from Aalborg´s educational institutions (these grants - the Guild hopes – are mostly used for enjoyment).

This year – for the first time since 2011 – the Guild has given out the “Triplet grant”, which is a start for the newborn triplet´s saving accounts.
At the meeting airport CEOSørenSvendsen received the year´s “Prize of initiative” for really having placed Aalborg on the international maps with new destinations and a growing number of flight passengers.
Keld Mathiesen received the “Prize of honor”. He is primus motor in Aalborg Fimklub, which he started in 1987. The club shows films for children and has 8,800 members. The club is run by voluntary helpers only.
The receivers of these two lastmentioned prizes are chosen by the Guild, but the third prize – “Soldier of the year” - is selected by the Aalborg Garrison. This year it was senior-sergeant Sebastian Misfeldt Beck.
Furthermore the Guild each year gives a donation to the two students who are living in the two college rooms in The 4th of May College, that are sponsored by the Guild.
After the annual meeting – which is like other organization´s general assembly – about 20 new members were initiated into the Guild. <<<

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Photos: Jens Morten

Happy receivers of honor from the Guild, from left airport CEO SørenSvendsen, Sebastian Misfeldt Beck, chief bencher Niels Voss Hansen, Gustav S. and Keld Mathiesen. The other student from The 4th of May College was absent.

The Guild got about twenty new members, who – as tradition demands – had to stay thirsty until they after the initiation had the Guild-dinner. It consists of a couple of red sausages with bread, a beer and a glass of potato-juice, as snaps is called in the Guild.