His Royal majestyThe board has decided that from 2011 we will as far as possible send all our mail as e-post. The reason for this is the steadily increasing prices of both printing and mailing this newsletter and other correspondence. To ensure the change will be a success we need the support of our members in Denmark as well as abroad.

When we introduced the lifelong membership the purpose was that the yield from our capital should be used for charitable purposes through donations from Christian The Fourth’s Guild’s Foundation. But the yield from the capital has – due mainly to the global financial crisis – diminished considerably during the last few years. If this trend continues, without us taking countermeasures, our ability to donate money to deserving charitable organisations and persons will decrease. That is why we will try to cut down our mailing expenses by using e-post and publish the newsletter on our website. You can sign up for electronic reception of the newsletter and other mail from the Guild on this link: Here you must print membership number, name and e-mail address. You can see your membership number on newsletter 2011. Signing up for electronic reception of the newsletter will ensure a faster, better and more economical information. If you still want to receive the newsletter by ordinary mail you are kindly requested to inform us by writing to Christian Den Fjerdes Laug, 1644, DK, 9100 Aalborg. With this initiative and the members help the board hopes to maintain the present level of donations to charitable purposes – and possible increase both the size and number of donations.

The board of Christian The Fourth's Guild