American citizenSolvang was founded 100 years ago by Danes who had emigrated to California in USA. This is the reason why a group of some 50 citizens from Solvang - headed by their Lord Mayor Jim Richardson - has been visiting Aalborg from October 4th to October 6th. From Aalborg the group continued their Denmark tour.

46 of the guests from the group had - through Aalborg City´s Event Department - applied for initiation into Christian The Fourth´s Guild.

During the visit to Aalborg Lord Mayor Henning G. Jensen invited the guests from USA to a reception in the City´s Old Town Hall. Earlier this year Hening G. Jensen participated in the anniversary celebrations in Solvang.

The Guild has close relations to Solvang. In 1998 a group of board members from the Guild made a memorable visit to Solvang.

Photo: Jens Morten

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