Donation from foundationOn Wednesday the 7th of December 2011 the C4 Foundation donated more than 100.000 DKK to 35 “good, charitable causes”.

The donations took place in Duus’ Vinkælder (in Jens Bangs Stonehouse), where the recipients of the donations and their companions were served the traditional Danish Christmas treat: “gløgg og æbleskiver” which is mulled wine and apple doughnuts.

For now fourteen consecutive years the Guild´s Foundation on the first Wednesday of December has distributed its donations to “social, humanitarian and cultural purposes” in the Aalborg municipality, which now also includes the former Hals and Nibe municipalities.

It has always been the policy of the Board of the Foundation to support as many “beneficent causes” as possible, which on the other hand means that the donated portions each are rather modest.

The Foundation was established in 1997 by the C4 Guild, the capital was then 500.000 DKK, which – with further transfers from the Guild and savings in accordance with the articles – now has grown to 2.000.000 DKK. The foundation is in economical respect completely independent of the Guild, though the Guild pays for all the office expenses etc.

The Board of the Foundation consists today of former Mayor Kaj Kjær (chairman), author, former Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs Mette Madsen, Managing Director (AKKC) Ernst Trillingsgaard, Chief Bencher Niels Voss Hansen and Guild member Per Svensson, who is also administrator of the Foundation. 

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