96 new members

Never since the birth of the Guild (December 1942) have so many persons been initiated on the same day.

When the cruise ship “Viking Star” - ultimo May - visited Aalborg, 96 passengers were initiated at two initiation ceremonies on the same afternoon – and the (slightly breathless) benchers could afterwards look back on no less than two “firsts”: The number of initiated in one day, and the number of initiations (two) in one day.

The 96 new member of the Guild are mostly professional people from the tourist trade. The shipping company, Viking Ocean Cruise, had invited a number of people from travel bureaus to go on this, the first cruise of the summer in the Danish waters. 64 new members were from USA, 17 from Australia, 9 from Canada, 4 from New Zealand, 1 from Mexico – and 1 from Denmark. Soon they will be back in the travel bureaus – and perhaps they will have fond memories of their visit to Duus’ Vinkjælder, and give Aalborg some good PR, when in the future they are selling cruises to northern Jutland and Aalborg. At least they were enthusiastically photographing, while the initiations took place.

“Viking Star” arrived at Honnørkajen in the center of Aalborg, and left again 8-9 hours later. The cruise ship will return several times over the summer.