Three small girls had their pension schemes started when they got the Triplet Grant from Christian the Fourth´s Guild.

The Grant was founded in 1943 and all triplets born in Aalborg has since then received the Grant which time and inflation has raised to 1,500 DKK to each.

The small girls in Storvorde – now 5 months old – are Alma, Liva and Agnes, and they are daughters of Nana Kanstrup and Kasper Knuth Hansen. Four Guild benchers visited the family and presented the Grant and the money (and at the same occasion put a little something in the piggy bank of the triplet´s 5-year old sister).

Ib Regnarsson, Niels Voss Hansen and Tom Thylkjær with the small girls, left Svend Aage Suhr. The parents seem remarkably relaxed.

Photo: Fini Ryming