Billede 4Kaj Kjær said in his welcome-speech, that he had to bore the audience with some economical facts about the historically low interest rates that prevail presently: While it appears to be a good thing if you are owing money, it is a bad thing if you – as Chr.4.’s foundation – need the money to reach your purpose, such as this presentations of donations to good causes.  Luckily he had the good news that the Guild again this year had helped out with a handsome amount of cash, and thereby had made the situation less hopeless - but the Board had found it necessary to cut down on the number of donations and the size of the donations.

Kaj Kjær also mentioned that the foundation in May 2017 had reached its 20 years anniversary. It was established in 1997 by the former chief-bencher Peter Tage.

The Purpose of the foundation is to support: “social, humanitarian and cultural activities in Aalborg community” especially the “voluntary, unpaid work for the good of the society’s less privileged groups”. The foundation doesn’t support travels, celebrations or persons.

The 25 receivers got donations of DKK 1,000 – 5,000 to help the work they are doing in groups or organizations.  Another thing which has made changes in our society is that it is not possible anymore to present the receivers with a check, now they have to be presented with cash (in an envelope).

Among this year’s recipients was: Colitis-Chrohn Foreningen, Ventilen in Aalborg, Centerrådet in Hasseris, Foreningen “De positive”, “Ældre hjælper Ældre”, De frivillige på Aalborg Universitetshospital, ”De Sangglade” og ”Børns Voksenvenner”. Two orchestras, which both received donations, Pensionistorkestret and Aalborg Jagtklubs Blæsergruppe contributed to the good atmosphere by playing samples of their music.   

There was a good spread among the receivers, and from their comments it seemed that the money – regardless of the size of the amount – may be of help everywhere it went, and it is this response that is the idea behind the donation, to give a little appreciation to the voluntary work that is going on in many different places.

While the donations were distributed, “gløgg” and “æbleskiver” were served, and the “Christmas-hygge” was immediately arriving. <<<

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Foto: Jens Morten