Once again our good co-operator UNMILPOC visit the cellar for another initiation

Our chief-bencher was (as usual) in top form and conducted the initiation in a manner so that everyone could feel included, and thereby acted in the spirit of the article 2 in our “Laugsskrå” (the Guild’s law) which says: “- to help to spread knowledge about Aalborg in an amusing and yet worthy way, and to initiate as well foreign as Danish guests into the Guild.”

Some persons representing UNMILPOC visited the Guild before the initiation took place. They had on an earlier occasion observed, that the Guild didn’t seem to have a crest from UNMILPOC in the premises, and they wanted to donate such a crest to the Guild, hoping that it would be placed in the Guild’s room, so that it may be seen by the benchers and their guests.

In connection with the donation of this shield UNILIPOC thanked the Guild for their co-operation and expressed their gratitude to the Guild for giving the many UNMILPOC students a special experience in Aalborg, and they expressed the hope that it would continue in the same way in the future.

Chief-bencher Niels Voss Hansen thanked not just for the crest but also for the thoughts that lay behind the donation, and the chief-bencher declared that also the Guild valued the co-operation and hoped that the Guild also in the future would be able to give the UNILIPOCs international students a nice experience in and of Aalborg. <<<

Foto: Jens Morten

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